About Us

We celebrate Canada’s world-class culinary writers.

In 2017, Taste Canada Awards / Les Laureats de Saveurs du Canada celebrates 20 years of recognizing this nation’s culinary writers.

More than just the ingredients we consume, food is a symbol of our shared culture, varied traditions, unique history and heritage. Food is at the heart of the Canadian identity. It is ingrained in our culture, from coast to coast. Taste Canada Awards nurtures an industry inspired by our vibrant culture, celebrates our stories, embraces our collective history and explores our family legacies through food.

Taste Canada Awards recognizes the writers who are inspired by Canada’s multicultural landscape, the kitchens of their ancestors and the bountiful foods we produce. Our talented authors fuse old traditions and know-how with new ingredients, ideas and techniques. They search through old family recipes and travel the world collecting mouth-watering memories and flavours for Canadians to savour.

These experiences and impressions are then artfully and painstakingly written into stories that can be passed on from generation to generation. The medium may be changing: recipes may be compiled together and bound into lovely keepsake books. Or they may be posted online; with a few clicks, treasured recipes, narratives and photos are shared with the world. Meaningful storytelling, accompanied by beautiful photography, creates an exciting and memorable experience for readers, many of whom collect cookbooks like treasured family photo books.

The awards are presented in Toronto each year at the Gala which is in itself a unique gastronomic delight. Previous winners have included such notable figures as Kate Aitken, Michael Smith, Laura Olson, Michael Bonacini, Laura Calder, Ricardo, Elizabeth Baird, Anita Stewart, Rose Murray, Normand Laprise, and Martin Picard, to name a few.

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