Submitting Blogs for Consideration, Eligibility & Category Details

February 16, 2017 – revised March 9, 2017

Submitting Blogs for Consideration

Below, please find the submission procedures, the criteria and eligibility, and the link to the electronic entry form as well as the fee payment procedure.

Please note that the competition is open to bloggers outside Canada, on the condition that the author be a Canadian citizen.

Submission Procedures

  • Each entry submitted requires the following: Entry is done online through Taste Canada’s website.
  • On the entry form, please choose one category  (General Blog or Health and Special Diet Blog) as well as your language category (English or French).
  • The fee of $36.32 CDN ($35 plus applicable PayPal fee of $1.32) is paid at the time of entry via PayPal. Please note the fees are non-refundable.
  • You will need to include:
    • Links to 3 posts of any length that best represent your blog as a whole in regards to style, tone and focus. The posts must have been published in the year 2016.
    • A short 50- to 150- word bio.
  • Blogger contact information as outlined on the entry form


  • Entrants must be Canadian citizens, writing a blog from Canada or abroad.
  • Entrants may submit in English or in French, but in one language only.
  • The entries submitted for consideration cannot be a sponsored blog post (as part of a contest, or be written as a result of receiving direct compensation from the company in which the post was written about — either paid or having received free product/services or free admission to an event).
  • All posts must be food-related in some way. Most posts will fall under one of three categories:
    • Recipe Post—contains a recipe as part of the story. (The recipe will not be tested, but it will be considered carefully.)
    • Restaurant Review—explores the food, service, and ambiance. (The meal cannot be compensated by a PR firm or the restaurant.)
    • Food Experience—personal, a visit to a local business, part of a trip or vacation, etc. (It cannot be part of a Press/sponsored trip that was compensated or free.)
  • The blog must be active. To be considered active, the blog must have a minimum of 12 posts published between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.
  • Blog entries must be submitted online on or before March 12, 2017 6pmEST (revised).
  • A non-refundable registration fee of $36.32 CDN ($35 plus applicable PayPal fee of $1.32) per blog is to be submitted at the time of registration.
  • If a blogger is also submitting a book in the Taste Canada Awards, the blog posts submitted for consideration in this category may not be a part of the submitted book.
  • Taste Canada Awards is not responsible for lost entries. Please ensure you receive a confirmation email saying your submission was received.

The Awards Committee reserves the right to determine eligibility based on the above criteria. Decisions of the Committee are final.

Best Food Blog Category

In order for a Gold Award to be given out in a category, there must be a minimum of 5 applications in total for that category. If we do not receive a minimum of 5 applications category, Taste Canada reserves the right to combine entries into one category per language and give only one Gold Award for that category. If the minimum of 5 applications per language is not met, Taste Canada will not run the Award category for that year and any applicants who have already paid the application fee will receive a refund.

Individual Food Blog Award Categories

A Gold Award will be given in each category for the best English-language and French-language blog.

General Blogs/Blogues Générale

The award is given to the best independent food-related blog written by a Canadian writer(s). Judging will be based on good literary style and best blog practices. This category may be general, or it may be focused on specific Canadian topics or regions, and/or target a very specific audience, such as an ethnic group (in terms of race, nationality, or religious heritage) in Canada or around the world. This category may also explore culinary history, politics, social awareness or cover a general range of topics, offering a variety of options to the Canadian cook. Health and Special Diet-related blogs are not included in this category, but in the Health and Special Diet category (see below).

Health and Special Diet Blogs/Blogues Santé et Diète Particulière

The award is given to the best blog written by a Canadian writer(s), which features a topic related to health and/or special diets and includes recipes dedicated to health and/or special diet topics. This category may include blogs addressing a specific health issue through food, a specific nutrition concept or overall nutrition focus, a cooking method/style to address a health issue and/or target a specific special diet related to a health issue and/or lifestyle.  This category may also include professionals’ personal blogs (i.e. nutritionists and dietitians) given that the blog meets all of the Taste Canada Awards eligibility requirements and restrictions.

What the judges will be looking at:

  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Originality
  • Organization/Focus
  • Visual/Blog aesthetics
  • Blog Functionality
  • Research and credibility of information

The Shortlisted Bloggers will be asked to submit a high-res head shot and a high-res blog logo image and may be asked to submit a press release about their blog.


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