Patricia Green & Carolyn Hemming

Patricia Green
Patricia is a health-conscious mother, balancing family and career while constantly creating nutritious meals tasty enough to please her husband and two active children. Patricia’s post-secondary studies include nutrition, marketing and geography.

Carolyn Hemming
Residing just outside of Toronto, Canada, Carolyn Hemming is dedicated to eating right and being physically active. Always busy balancing career & fitness goals, whether she is travelling on business or training for a marathon, Carolyn seeks foods that provide the right balance of energy and nutrition. A sociology and communications graduate, Carolyn’s critical perspective causes her to evaluate every bit of healthy information.

What was the inspiration for Quinoa 365?
Patricia was cooking quinoa regularly, convinced her sister Carolyn that it was something she should eat often. Once Carolyn tried it, she also loved it and realized how easy it was to cook. The tremendous nutritional benefits of quinoa convinced both of us to begin incorporating it into everything we possibly could, the things we were already eating everyday. There was a lack of recipe ideas out there and everyone had so many quinoa questions, so we felt the need to create a book.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in writing/publishing this title?
The biggest challenge was the distance between Patricia and I when we were writing. Because she lives in Alberta and I live in Toronto, we were collaborating by phone and email much of the time.

What aspect of the book are you most proud?
We are very proud that this is really the first ever comprehensive book solely written about quinoa. We are so impressed by how much this book has changed people’s lives. We love hearing the stories from readers on how they are so surprised they can improve their eating by using quinoa. We love hearing about how the book helped improve a triathlete’s best competitive times, how it has helped those who can’t eat gluten now eat better than before, helped folks lose weight, get their kids to eat better, have husbands stealing the food to take to poker night, and has impressed everyone attending their holiday feast.

What do you wish you knew before starting the project?
There is nothing that we really wish we knew before. We are very grateful for how successful this book is, we are most thankful. It is a fantastic reward that readers are so happy with it.

What advice would you give aspiring culinary authors?
Consult industry experts, know your market and forge relationships within the industry.


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