Cooks the Books 2016

Oyster Fricassee with fried potato rings

Cooks the Books is a cooking competition that invites Canadian culinary students from across the nation to compete for the title of Canada’s Best New Student Chefs.  Cooks the Books showcases the talent of Canada’s next generation of chefs, honours the authors and brings some of this year’s outstanding submitted cookbooks to life. In 2016, Cooks the Books was presented by Taste Canada Awards and by the Alberta Canola Producers, sponsored by Egg Farmers of Canada, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and RICARDO.

The teams are paired with a culinary author and given the challenge to recreate a recipe from an author’s cookbook, along with their own signature garnish. A mentoring author who offered guidance and motivation joined the teams on stage. A panel of notable culinary experts judged the competition. 

The 2016 winners were announced at the Taste Canada Awards Gala in November 2016 where they were presented with prizes, a letter of recommendation and a trophy to display at their school. 

School: Red River College
Students: Brayden Palmer, Tom Sherwin & Sydney Kinkead 
Author: Emily Richards
Book Title: Per la Famiglia: Memories and Recipes of Southern Italian Home Cooking
Recipe: Veal Cutlets with Tomato Sauce
School: Pius Culinary Institute
Students: Dino Som, Arturo Montiel & Marcus Barksdale
Author: Robin Summerfield
Book Title: Winnipeg Cooks: Signature Recipes from the City's Top Chefs
Recipe: Pan Roasted Pork Chops with Apple, Fennel & Date Compote
School: Durham College
Students: Kristin Atwood, Victoria Rinsma & Jonathan Soligo
Author: Barry C. Parsons
Book Title: Rock Recipes 2
Recipe: Peanut Butter Sriracha Bacon Cheeseburger 

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