2014 Short List – Gastro Grilling

Title:  Gastro Grilling: Fired-up Recipes to Grill Great Everyday Meals
Author: Ted Reader
Publisher:  Penguin Canada Books, Toronto
Category: Single-Subject Cookbooks

Description: “This must-have book features recipes for great-flavoured steaks of beef, veal, pork, lamb, and game—the essence of grilling. And there are plenty of tasty chicken recipes, too. Ted makes cooking easy for the gastro griller, with simple-to-prepare and absolutely delightful dishes.  Chock full of 135-plus lofty, fun recipes, including ribs.”

Target Audience: the serious home barbecuer, especially when entertaining

Judges’ Comments:

“Recipe collection is strong, big flavours”

“Great flavour combinations”

“The recipes do work, and it’s nice that [Ted] makes his fish and veggie recipes as luscious as possible.”

2014 Short List – The Deerholme Mushroom Book


Title:  The Deerholme Mushroom Book: From Foraging to Feasting
Author: Bill Jones
Publisher:  TouchWood Editions, Victoria
Category: Single-Subject Cookbooks

Description: “The Deerholme Foraging Book is an exploration of the wild foods found in the Pacific Northwest and features local mushrooms, edible plants, sea vegetables, and shellfish. The book is the product of twenty years of research and professional cooking with foraged foods. It serves as an introduction to the world of wild food and contains identification and sourcing information, harvesting and preparation tips, and more than one hundred delicious recipes featuring many types of wild foods.”

Target Audience: The experienced cook and anyone interested in learning more about wild mushrooms

Judges’ Comments:

“I very much admire this book for trying to get more healthy, plentiful mushrooms in our diet.”

“A super primer on wild mushrooms, identifying, picking, cooking”

“Full of good information for the mushroom lover-forager”

2014 Short List – Butter Baked Goods

Title: Butter Baked Goods: Nostalgic Recipes from a Little Neighborhood Bakery
Author: Rosie Daykin
Publisher:  Appetite by Random House
Category: Single-Subject Cookbooks

Description: “Butter Baked Goods is a gorgeously illustrated cookbook, packed with delicious recipes perfect for celebrating a special holiday with family and friends, or just everyday life. . . . Every recipe in Butter Baked Goods has simple instructions written in an accessible and easy-to-follow style. Everyone can create Butter’s delectable treats.”

Target Audience: the home cook, with or without experience

Judges’ Comments:

“Beautiful design and photography [and a] variety of recipes, most of which can quickly become favourites.”

“Good range of recipes, with detailed information on techniques, equipment”

“I like her story-telling style and tips.”

2014 Short List – Sea Salt

Title:  Sea Salt: Recipes from the West Coast Galley
Authors: Alison Malone Eathrone, Hilary Malone, and Lorna Malone
Publisher: Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, BC
Category: Regional/Cultural Cookbooks

Description: “Sea Salt is a gorgeous new collection of over a hundred sea-tested gourmet recipes suitable for meals aboard but equally satisfying for the home dining table. Any cook will appreciate the benefits of thoughtful preparation, clever shortcuts, local ingredients, a hearty dose of creativity and fast, fresh, delicious meals.”

Target Audience: The home cook and the galley cook

Judges’ Comments:

“Recipes come across as approachable, easy to follow with a touch of sophistication and creative inspiration.”

“Many interesting recipes . . .[and]  good food styling in the book”

“Beautiful book with great photography”



2014 Short List – Three Sisters Back to the Beginning

Title:  Three Sisters Back to the Beginning: Timeless Greek Recipes Made Simple
Authors:  Betty, Eleni and Samantha Bakopoulos
Publisher:  Adelfes, Guelph
Category: Regional/Cultural Cookbooks

Description: “Three Sisters Back to the Beginning documents an inspiring journey shared through recipes and pictures.  It is a call to remember who you are and to celebrate your own beginning.  It is a reminder to eat well, love well, and be happy; for time stands still only in pictures.”

Target Audience: The home cook, the armchair traveler

Judges’ Comments:

“I appreciate how the authors are trying to share their cultural food in a way that is very approachable to the average home cook.”

“A lot of good recipes and good layout”

“Timeless Greek recipes made simple”

2014 Short List – Toronto Star Cookbook

Title:  Toronto Star Cookbook: More Than 150 Diverse and Delicious Recipes Celebrating Ontario
Author:  Jennifer Bain.
Publisher:   Appetite by Random House, Vancouver
Category: Regional/Cultural Cookbooks

Description: The Toronto Star Cookbook “tells the story of the vibrant, eclectic cuisine of Ontario. Here are more than 150 recipes celebrating the province’s chefs, restaurants, home cooks, farmers, food store owners and more.  [It is] a family-friendly cookbook filled with recipes for classic comfort food . . . and classic Ontario dishes.”

Target Audience: The home cook, new and experienced

Judges’ Comments:

“I like how this cookbook provides a snapshot of a variety of cooks in Ontario.”

“The recipes tested were good, and it looks like there are a lot more good, varied recipes in the book.”

“My Favourite Places to Shop—great guide for finding ingredients and very personalized.”


2014 Short List – The Flavour Principle

Title:  The Flavour Principle: Enticing Your Senses with Food and Drink
Authors:  Lucy Waverman and Beppi Crosariol
Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers, Toronto
Category: General Cookbooks

Description: “Canada’s favourite culinary pair creates a one-of-a-kind cookbook that will be everyone’s go-to food and winematching guide. . . . Every great dish has a centre of gravity, a flavour or essence that pulls together other ingredients into a coherent and compelling whole. . . . At last, here is a cookbook that focuses on this fundamental concept.”

Target Audience: “The more serious home cook wanting to learn while creating dishes that work”

Judges’ Comments:

“A beautifully presented book from cover to cover”

“The beverage matching is educational and enjoyable to read—I even had some laugh-out-loud moments”

“Will have enduring value as a reference book and a cookbook”

2014 Short List – In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita

Title:  In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita: Over 250 Simple and Delicious Everyday Recipes
Author:  Stefano Faita
Publisher:  Penguin Canada Books, Toronto
Category: General Cookbooks

Description: “The TV tie-in companion cookbook that makes it easy for all home cooks to impress family and friends with fabulous meals. It features Faita’s favourite, easy-to-make recipes from the series, gorgeous colour photographs, and brand new extra tips, recipe notes, and substitutions.”

Target Audience: The home cook, new and experienced

Judges’ Comments:

“Recipes are not complicated and results are realistic and fast.”

“Recipes are well-written and home cooks of all experience levels should be able to replicate the recipes with success.”

“It is clear that a lot of time went into researching for the television show and the book.”

2014 Short List – At Home with Lynn Crawford

Title:  At Home with Lynn Crawford: 200 of My Favourite Easy Recipes
Author:  Lynn Crawford
Publisher:  Penguin Canada Books, Toronto
Category: General Cookbooks

Description: “For Lynn, food and cooking should be a fun and enjoyable occasion. And, in At Home with Lynn Crawford, you’ll find 200 delicious and simple recipes that will put sunshine into your kitchen every day of the week. . . . Lynn’s collection is rounded out with her all-time favorite casual home-entertaining recipes.”

Target Audience:  The home cook, new and experienced

Judges’ Comments:

“Friendly language style is inviting and suitable”

“A good array of interesting recipes and restaurant elements that people can incorporate at home to add flair to their meals”

“Crawford’s audience . . . will enjoy that her voice comes through loud and clear in the writing.”

2014 Short List – The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning

Title: The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning
Authors:  Wendy Trusler and Carol Devine
Publisher:  Vauve Press, Toronto
Category: Culinary Narrative

Description: “The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning is a journey through that austral summer—the story of [a] Russian-Canadian clean-up project on a small island 120 miles off the Antarctic Peninsula. But it’s also a look at the challenges of cooking in a makeshift kitchen.”

Target Audience: cooks, adventurers, arm-chair travelers

Judges’ Comments:

“Appealing recipes and beautiful food images, photos from the trip and historical pictures rounded out the book.”

“Came back to this book repeatedly, finding little gems I missed . . . and I’m still going back for more.”

“I love how this book takes me away to a place visually and with words that I may never go to.”

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