Moira Sanders & Lori Elstone

Moira Sanders and Lori Elstone, along with Beth Goslin Maloney, are co-authors of The Harrow Fair Cookbook, which was shortlisted in the English Cookbook Category.

Moira Sanders is a fifth-generation native of Harrow, Ontario. After graduating from culinary school, she worked in restaurants across Canada from Meinhardt in Vancouver to Senses in Toronto. Moira now lives in Mount Albert, Ontario with her husband and their two children. She keeps a recipe blog at

Lori Elstone received her bachelor of science degree from Brock University, as well as graduating from culinary school. She regularly writes food and wine articles for local publications. She lives in St.Catharines, Ontario with her husband and two young children, and is an avid gardener.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in writing/publishing The Harrow Fair Cookbook?
Depends on which one of us you ask! All three of us have young children so trying to make the cookbook a priority was a constant challenge.

What aspect of the book are you most proud?
The recipes. We have had so many wonderful compliments from people telling us that they actually USE the cookbook!

What do you wish you knew before starting the project?
If we would have known how rewarding having our book published was going to be, we would have done it a long time ago.

What advice would you give aspiring culinary authors?
Have a clear vision of who your target consumers are for your book and really stick to it. Writing the book is the first step – then you have to sell it!

Michael Bonacini, Massimo Capra, and Jason Parsons

Michael Bonacini, Massimo Capra and Jason Parsons are co-authors of 3 Chefs, which was short-listed in the English Cookbook Category.


Patricia Green & Carolyn Hemming

Patricia Green
Patricia is a health-conscious mother, balancing family and career while constantly creating nutritious meals tasty enough to please her husband and two active children. Patricia’s post-secondary studies include nutrition, marketing and geography.

Carolyn Hemming
Residing just outside of Toronto, Canada, Carolyn Hemming is dedicated to eating right and being physically active. Always busy balancing career & fitness goals, whether she is travelling on business or training for a marathon,


Meeru Dhalwala and Vikram Vij

Meeru Dhalwala and Vikram Vij: Authors of shortlisted title "Vij's at Home: Relax, Honey"

Meeru Dhalwala and Vikram Vij are the authors of Vij’s at Home: Relax Honey, which was short-listed in the English Cookbook Category.

Meeru Dhalwala was born in India, and grew up in Washington, DC, where she worked with various interna­tional non-profit organizations on human rights and economic develop­ment projects. Upon moving to Vancouver to join Vikram in 1995, she quickly took over the menu and has been creating new recipes ever since. Meeru continues to work closely with her all-female kitchen staff—all of whom hail from villages in the Punjab—to experiment with various cooking techniques and spice combinations. Meeru’s particular interest and focus at Vij’s and Rangoli is to forge business relationships with other local businesses and farmers. She is committed to improving her business environmental footprint.


Jeff McCourt, Austin Clement, Allan Williams

Austin Clement (left), Jeff McCourt (middle), Allan Williams (right): Co-authors of short-listed title "The Flavours of Prince Edward Island"

Flavours of Prince Edward Island is co-authored by Jeff McCourt, Allan Williams and Austin Clement. It’s short-listed in the Canadian Culinary Culture category.


Michele Genest

Michele Genest is the author of the short-listed title, The Boreal Gourmet.  Genest discovered cooking that celebrates northern ingredients at the Chocolate Claim kitchen in Whitehorse. Here, along with other transplanted cooks, she met cooks who brought their experience and travels to bear on the food that surrounded them.

She has written about food and dining for T.O.XtraenRoute and Up Here: Arctic Kitchen magazines, and is currently the food columnist for Yukon, North of Ordinary. She cooks and writes in Whitehorse.

What was the inspiration for The Boreal Gourmet?
The inspiration for writing The Boreal Gourmet was a desire to share the joy of gathering and cooking  the wild ingredients found in the boreal forest and its lakes and rivers.  For me learning about berries -- what they look like, where they grow, how to pick them and what delicious thing to cook with them -- was my first entry into the big and daunting Yukon wilderness. My hope is The Boreal Gourmet will inspire other people to get to know their own patch of the boreal forest, the aspen parkland, the ravines in the Carolinian forest, the wild places wherever they live, learn what's edible, take it home and cook it up in a way that honours the ingredient, the land and their own hard work.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in writing/publishing this title?
The biggest challenge in writing The Boreal Gourmet was getting down the first and most difficult chapter, Sourdough Bootcamp (which ended up as Chapter Six). In October 2009 I had five weeks off, my mom was visiting from Ontario, I was working out how to clearly express the step-by-step method of building a sourdough starter over 14 days, and I could not get the recipe for sourdough cinnamon buns right. Every 6 or 8 hours I'd come up from my basement office and punch down another bowl of dough or mix up another batch of filling, force-feed my mom and my  husband Hector another bite of cinnamon bun and return to the basement. Happily Mom and Hector had forbearance, and tasted sample after after sample without complaint.

What aspect of the book are you most proud?
I'm most proud of the collaborative aspect of The Boreal Gourmet. From the beginning the project was a group effort, starting with the editors of Up Here and Yukon, North of Ordinary magazines, who helped shape the columns that formed the backbone of the book, the Yukon cooks that donated recipes or gave advice, the friends and family who tasted and tested and wrote down their comments, the producers of great Yukon-grown foods and products, lovely everyone at Harbour Publishing, photographer Cathie Archbould and illustrator Laurel Parry, both of whom are dear pals, and finally the cooks, foragers, hunters and fishers in the Yukon and across Canada who responded with enthusiasm to a cookbook that mirrored what they love to do.

What do you wish you knew before starting the project?
Good question. I wish I knew when jelly has cooked enough to set. I still wish I knew that.

What advice would you give aspiring culinary authors?
Two things: the story is as important as the recipe, and when you're writing down the recipe remember to include the step you take for granted.



Ian Coutts

Ian Coutts is the author of the short-listed title Brew North. An eclectic writer, some of this several books include Titanic: The Last Great Images (with Robert Ballard), Backyard Birds (with Robert Bateman), and The Ultimate Guys’ Q and A (released in the United States as Do Nymphomaniacs Really Exist?).

His writing has appeared in Toronto Life, Canadian Geographic, The Globe and Mail, and Quill and Quire, to which he contributed a regular column called “Watch Your Language.” He lives in Toronto; Kingston, Ontario; and Merida, Mexico.


Ann Vanderhoof

Ann Vanderhoof: Author of short-listed title "The Spice Necklace"

Ann Vanderhoof, author of the short-listed title The Spice Necklace, is a former Canadian magazine editor turned writer. With her husband, Steve, she cruises the Caribbean on their 42-foot sailboat, Receta, and writes about our adventures. Steve, a former magazine and book art director, takes the photos and is Receta’s official food taster.

What was the inspiration for The Spice Necklace?
Our second journey through the Caribbean on our sailboat Receta. It was a voyage of culinary discovery, taking us off the beaten path as we meandered from island to island.


Carolyn Herriot

Carolyn Herriot: Author of short-listed title "The Zero-Mile Diet"

Carolyn Herriot is a passionate organic gardener, photographer, lecturer and a cook who loves to eat. After 20 years of operating her nursery, Carolyn continues to grow “Seeds of Victoria” at The Garden Path Centre in Victoria, British Columbia.

She is also a regular contributor to GardenWise magazine and the author of two bestselling books — The Zero: Mile Diet: A Year-Round Guide to Growing Organic Food and A Year On The Garden Path: a 52-Week Organic Gardening Guide.


Sarah Elton

Sarah Elton: Author of short-listed title "Locavore"

Sarah Elton, author of the short-listed title Locavore, is a journalist and writer who focuses on food and agriculture, science and sustainability. She is the food columnist for CBC Radio’s  Here & Now and writes regularly for publications across North America including The Globe and Mail,  Maclean’s, and

Elton speaks regularly at universities, colleges, libraries and at all sorts of events about food and the building of sustainable food systems.

Elton grew up looking for earthworms in her dad’s compost heap, has volunteered on organic farms, fought the raccoons to grow her own back-deck container vegetables, and is currently an urban hunter-gatherer, foraging for local foods where she lives in Toronto with her husband and two daughters.

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